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Crear Studio in Downtown Santa Ana

The Yellow Pad Series: Jose Lozano 

About the Exhibition

The Yellow Pad Series.png

Crear Studio featured artist Jose Lozano in The Yellow Pad Series, a collection of narratives on faux yellow pad ground, which includes line art and mixed-mediums with graphite, ballpoint pen, and colored pencil on gessoed paper and wood panels. Lozano’s work fits in the lexicon of passionate observation and the celebration of the mundane. Lozano’s aesthetic is honest and slightly documentary but remains in its stand alone nature.

About the Artist:

Jose Lozano is a native Orange County Chinano Artist. He prefers to work in a series that focuses on themes and topics such as a Mexican wrestler, paper dolls, Mexican movie imagery and clowns. Inspired by German expressionists and the Chicano art movements  Lozano's work is known and memorable. This work fits in the grander pantheon in both the canon and contemporary of Chicano visual art. 

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