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LMAC Digital Archives 

Cultivating Digital Pasts, Presents & Futures For-and-By Our Diverse Community

What are the Digital Humanities (DH)?  The Digital Humanities is a community activity, and usually involves a great deal of collaboration and communication to assemble the relevant expertise for any given project — it does not require an academic degree nor does it solely apply to the English language. At LibroMobile, we hope to serve as DH advisors to the local community (16 years old+). Our goal is to establish digital archives for-and-by the community. We will provide technological tools, virtual applications, workspace and one-on-one tutorials as well as collaborative workshops. We hope to assist in archiving family albums, oral history as well as help folks learn new tools that include virtual timelines, storymaps, AR/VR, audio and video recordings, and 3D scans. Our DH program will also include VR educational resources and games!

Why prioritize BIPOC and local only?

As you may know, Orange County is 60% people of color, yet all art spaces in the region are white-led. Additionally, Ethnic Studies and Critical Race Theory are still being challenged across the nation, leading to the further cultivation of a white supremacy model in the schools, arts and civic leadership. We aspire to cultivate a sense of belonging for all who have been here for generations, recent immigrants, and practice placemaking by including the histories of the local residents and the archives they choose to prioritize.

National Collaboration:

Of course we are starting with our own community first, but we also plan to collaborate with folks across the nation! We are actively looking for partners. Currently, LMAC founder Sarah Rafael Garcia is mentored by Dr. Gabriela Baeza Ventura with the USLDH Center part of Arte Público Press. Send us an email, if you'd like to start a conversation and join our initiative.

Oral History

Learn "How to Oral History" with help from a zine produced by UCI students & web-tutorial by LMAC members!
(coming soon)

Digital Archiving

More Information
Coming Soon!

More updates & changes to come, visit our DH page again!

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