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X LA Poets edited by Linda Ravenswood

X LA Poets edited by Linda Ravenswood

SKU: 9781732484832

X LA Poets, edited by Linda Ravenswood. This book features 10 womxn poets from Los Angeles. 


"XLA Poets is a poetry landscape deep in color, and expanding way over its geographical claim. This collection of poetry is the coming together of humanity, crowded together, in a dense richness, only possible in a city like Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles, California. Each poet gives the reader a unique window, a precise geographical, time stamped location. Aqui estamos! To find your bearings in the literary possibilities of LA, you need to visit this anthology. Look up, and see a goddess riding a dragon over the stadium the LA Raiders once played in. Pour tea, drink beer, ride the boulevard with the top down. These ten poets will make you want to stay in each page. Read, visit often and remember, XLA Poets."


Aideed Medina, Fresno Poet & President of REFORMA Del Valle Central

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