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Wepa by J de lavega

Wepa by J de lavega

SKU: 9781948066549

Her mom thinks she is too messy; her teachers think she is too loud. But Abuela says that’s nonsense. Mia Emilia Lucia Renata simply has too much wepa! In this case, wepa is a metaphor for Mia's fire, her energy, or what is better known medically as ADHD, and how it's often misunderstood by family and loved ones.

Mia tries to bottle up her wepa, but no matter how hard she tries, she can’t contain it. With a bit of inspiration from Abuela and her friends, Mia discovers the perfect place to release her wepa. A place where her wepa is celebrated and isn’t too much.

Parents will celebrate the wepa behind this bilingual English-Spanish hardcover as it helps the reader develop an understanding of ADHD and how to encouarge little ones to feel connected with a supportive community.

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