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Weaving Our Stories: Return To Belonging by Luana Peterson

Weaving Our Stories: Return To Belonging by Luana Peterson

SKU: 9781990263903

The Weaving Our Stories: Return To Belonging Anthology includes poetry, essays, visual art, and narratives penned by authors and artists identifying as Black, Indigenous, and people of color from Hawaiʻi and beyond. While our contributors span a diverse spectrum of experiences and identities, they all share a common commitment to individual and collective well-being. Our contributors astutely showcase how their expressions of resistance and liberation, whether through visual art or written text, align with one or more of the central themes of Weaving Our Stories: resistance through cultural memory, accountability, resisting false binaries, and countering Hegemony. In tandem with the community collection of stories that revolve around resistance, this anthology also highlights the remarkable achievements of our six accomplished Black youth organizers. These young individuals dedicated a year to the Weaving Our Stories Youth Series during the pandemic, delving into the power and relevance of storytelling in our journey of resistance and liberation. Each of the six youth activists overviews their Community Impact Design Projects by proposing interventions that harness our resistance themes and our three Pillars of Liberation—namely, the institutions, structures/methodology, and people who can

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