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Vietnamese Stories for Language Learners by Tri C. Tran

Vietnamese Stories for Language Learners by Tri C. Tran

SKU: 9780804855297

A great story can lead a reader on a cultural and linguistic journey—especially if it's in two languages!

Vietnamese Stories for Language Learners introduces 40 traditional Vietnamese folktales with bilingual Vietnamese and English versions presented on facing pages. Each story is followed by cultural notes, vocabulary lists, and a set of discussion questions and exercises for further comprehension.

Online audio recordings by native speakers help readers improve their pronunciation and inflection, while a Vietnamese-English glossary provides an easy way to reference unfamiliar terms. Illustrations by award-winning Vietnamese illustrators Nguyen Thi Hop and Nguyen Dong help to bring these traditional tales to life.

This book is a great supplementary reader for self-study learners or in Vietnamese language courses, but will be enjoyed by anyone who wishes to learn about Vietnamese folktales and culture.

Learn Vietnamese the fun way—through the country's rich literary history!

Audio recordings can be accessed at the Tuttle Publishing website

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