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Trino's Choice by Diane Gonzales Bertrand

Trino's Choice by Diane Gonzales Bertrand

SKU: 9781558852686

To be thirteen is worthless, Trino Olivares thinks. Trino has three little brothers he's supposed to look after, but no further he can look up to. He rules at video games, but in the classroom, and out in the real world, he's barely getting by- just like his mom, scarcely manages to pay the bills and feed her sons by working all the time. Trino gets angry when he looks at the world around him. But when Rosca, an older teen with a vicious streak, invites him to start hanging with his crowd- and maybe make some fast money too- Trino doesn't know what to think. What kind of choices does he have, anyway? To run or die? 


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