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The Whirlpool Effect Theory by Ricardo Mañez Tabarez

The Whirlpool Effect Theory by Ricardo Mañez Tabarez

SKU: 9781717993915
This book is an analyzes of the psyche of mass murders, using peer reviewed academic works form various authors. I then present an original theory to introduce the way the psyche woks to obtain a target and how to prevent it. In Part Two I discuss how these patterns are used in relation to the goods and evil we see in human beings. This leads to an explanation of why there might be an intelligent creator and how to make an argument for Creationism.Part Three discuss how using the Quran we can align our selves to a purpose, find happiness and help society in different realms by focusing on the self. This book holds value to any reader and you will find compelling arguments for a great conversation with friends. This is the first edition and depending on the response I hope to extend this original work..
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