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The Ones Who Misbehave by Hanna Lee

The Ones Who Misbehave by Hanna Lee

SKU: 9798713867171
Ever felt like you're about to explode but you don't know why? Like they say, sometimes we have to lose ourselves to find the true self. Follow this tale through the eyes of a woman of color (Vanessa aka Van) who is brimming with frustration and sent to a wellness center to recover. You’ll find out why certain emotions are brewing from this refreshing perspective told by a minority within the minority experience—void of the traditional stuffy-old stereotypes Asians are often reduced to. As Van listens to the experiences of her newfound friends, something within her is released. On this path, the protagonist gains insight into an unknown community and also herself. If you're simply human, you will be able to identify with this contemporary true-to-life fiction story. This will be a book you'll want to gift to friends and fellow human-rights advocates.
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