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The Modern Tiffin by Priyanka Naik

The Modern Tiffin by Priyanka Naik

SKU: 9781982177089

taly, Mexico, Thailand, India... Self-taught Indian American chef Priyanka Naik loves to travel just as much as she loves cooking! So when she set out to write a cookbook, she knew it couldn’t be just one cuisine—it had to feature a world of plant-based flavors. Drawing on her heritage and her travels, Chef Priyanka introduces you to a world of mouthwatering vegan dishes in The Modern Tiffin.

With vegetables as the star of the show, ​Priyanka takes you to a different part of the world in each chapter, adding her own Indian-inspired twist to each dish. The recipes in the book are made to be put into a tiffin, an Indian-style lunch box, so that each meal can be perfectly packaged to take on your own adventures, near and far.

You’ll learn recipes like:

-Bucatini à la Pumpkin with Pink Peppercorn & Pistachio

-Green Chutney Quesadillas

-Chili-Maple Skillet Corn Bread

-Indian Home Fries with Peanuts

-Bondi Blue Tea Cakes

-Cardamom Sweet Tea Spritzer

-and so many more!

Get ready for an international trip from the comfort of your own kitchen: The Modern Tiffin will take you on a delicious vegan voyage around the world!