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The Enlightened Cyclist by Bike Snob NYC

The Enlightened Cyclist by Bike Snob NYC

SKU: 9781452105000

The author of Bike Snob helps bike commuters transcend common obstacles and handle cars, pedestrians, and other cyclists with grace.

The joys of commuting by bike attract scores of new converts every year. But as fresh-faced cyclists fill the roads, they also encounter their share of frustrations—careless drivers, wide-flung car doors, zoned-out pedestrians, and aggressive fellow cyclists, to name a few.

In this follow-up to Bike Snob, BikeSnobNYC takes on the trials and triumphs of bike commuting with snark, humor, and enthusiasm. He asks the question: If we become better commuters, will that make us better people? From the deadly sins of biking to tactics for dealing with cars, pedestrians, and other cyclists, this primer on bike travel is a must-read for cyclists new and seasoned alike.

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