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The Book: Poems, Stories and Essays by Lupe D. Dunn

The Book: Poems, Stories and Essays by Lupe D. Dunn

SKU: 9781665741620

Lupe Duron Dunn learned through her lengthy teaching career that writing provides a person a sense of self and creates a positive outlet. Her own writing is inspired from viewing the world through colors, movements, people, shapes, and other influences. In a collection of poems, short stories, and essays, Dunn begins with free verse shared to lift spirits and encourage souls while reflecting on past moments, present events, and everything in between including the Navajo people, the beauty of Old Glory, the ravages of time, and the goodness of mankind. In eight short stories, Dunn's characters each reveal a moment when life showed them a new way of viewing their experiences. Dunn concludes by sharing personal essays that detail the emotions that accompany visiting sites of old battles, a novice actor as he struggles to find his way, and much more. The Book shares poetry, short stories, personal essays, and illustrations that transcend culture and time to soothe the soul, provide clarity, and remind of the magic of the pen.

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