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Memoir of Un Ser Humano by Louis G. Mendoza

Memoir of Un Ser Humano by Louis G. Mendoza

SKU: 9781642042061

Memoir of Un Ser Humano reveals dimensions of raúl “Roy” “Tapón” Salinas’ life that few of his readers and even many of his closest family and friends knew little about. Divided into five sections that mark raúl’s many journeys, transformations, and evolutions, the memoir, a scattered and fragmented collection of mostly unpublished writings is rife with Salinas’ musings, sketches, sweet and bittersweet recollections of his life as a boy become hipster-pachuco, social rebel, drug addict, father, prisoner, writer of prose and poetry become revolutionary. Raúl’s distinctive voice is presented in new ways as we read his many efforts to tell his life’s story, and we are gifted with new understanding of the many layers of this beautifully complex human being.

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