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ENEMY | FLINT: A Full Length Drama by Diana Burbano

ENEMY | FLINT: A Full Length Drama by Diana Burbano


Based on An Enemy of The People by Henrik Ibsen

70-80 minutes. Five 17+ females, Four 15+ males, 1 gender-flexible role. (Can be done with many smaller roles). Suitable for high school and older.

Set Requirements: Minimal to elaborate
Suitable for a teen audience

​Flint, MI. The water in the town has been poisoned. Thia Stockmann, a bright young medical student, is confronted by her upwardly mobile brother, Pete, about a blog she wrote regarding the poisoning of Flint’s water supply. This brings a lot of unwanted attention to Flint and will have repercussions on the economy. 
In the media classroom reporters discuss the pros and cons of running Thia’s article bashing the reputation of the government. The group realizes that printing this article will do more damage to the situation. Angry, Thia decides that she can fight this battle on his own. She calls a meeting at the community college.Thia talks about the contamination of the water but also gets into the town leaders and how they are corrupt as are most of the citizens of Flint. Anger starts to grow. By the end of the meeting the town has rebelled at Thia and have marked her as an enemy of the people. The landlord evicts Thia and her friends from their house. Thia stays true to her principles. She decides to accept her fate and become "an enemy of the people" if that is what it takes to do what is right.

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