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Bikes In Space Volume 2 edited by Elly Blue

Bikes In Space Volume 2 edited by Elly Blue


Bikes in Space is a feminist bicycle science fiction anthology. Started as a zine (and a bit of a joke), it ended up being ridiculously fun and popular, filled with great pulp-esque stories.

These are a dozen new stories that bring you into a dizzying futurescape inhabited by empowered women on two wheels!

- Fueled by vegan donuts and beer, a bike messenger races delivery drones through a crumbling future Portland.

- Maddy Engelfried's future city is a peaceful, if impoverished one, where everyone travels by bicycle... except one young girl

- In a post-nuclear holocaust America, why would anyone choose to be a woman?

- Emily June Street takes us to a parallel world, where women aren't supposed to race velos—and they definitely aren't supposed to win!

- Editor Elly Blue regales you with the story of the most epic butt dial in galactic history

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