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Beginners Guide To Preserving by Delilah Snell

Beginners Guide To Preserving by Delilah Snell

SKU: 9781648768118

A comprehensive guide to food preservation techniques for beginners. Whether you’re a gardener, a hunter, or just a curious home cook, preserving food can be a practical way to produce a wide range of delicious flavors―from sweet and summery strawberry jam to spicy kimchi and savory smoked bacon.The Beginner’s Guide to Preserving is packed with detailed information and beginner-friendly guidance for a variety of preservation methods, plus 65 flavorful recipes to put these techniques into action. Learn the essentials of food preservation, and get instructions for pressure and water bath canning, fermenting, dehydrating, salting, smoking, and freezing.The book about preserving food includes:A path to success―Organized by preservation method, each chapter starts with essential tips on safety, terms to know, and a step-by-step guide for your first time using that technique.How-to illustrations―Learn how to safely preserve a wide range of foods with the help of instructional illustrations and clear, simple directions.Handy charts―Explore troubleshooting tips and convenient food charts, complete with prep notes, approximate yield, and processing time for each method.A range of recipes―Discover recipes for classics like dill pickles and baked beans, as well as creative new flavors like wine jelly and tomato leather.Discover the joy of preserving food with help from the Beginner’s Guide to Preserving.

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