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A.I.R HEAD by Alan Nakagawa

A.I.R HEAD by Alan Nakagawa

SKU: 9781945178979

Within a short amount of time, Alan Nakagawa found himself in the midst of several artist-in-residence opportunities. It started with the Getty Villa and then the Los Angeles Department of Transportation. Within a few years, Nakagawa had a half of dozen completed or in the mix. And then the emails started coming.

Artists wanted to meet with Nakagawa to find out how this happened. To quote The Talking Heads: "Well, how did I get here?"

Like his artwork, this book is not a straight line nor a soundbite. This book is Nakagawa's attempt to answer that question through diary entries, sketches, ideas and concepts. A.I.R. Head is a history of one artist's journey through his life, his personhood and his career.

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