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A Church Of My Own Poems by Diosa Xochiquetzalcóatl

A Church Of My Own Poems by Diosa Xochiquetzalcóatl

SKU: 9781637905869

Beginning with the first chapter, The Word, the author takes you on a chronological journey from the beginnings of time to the very ends, speaking of truths never told. In the second chapter, The Holy Ones, we witness the ascension of average humans into the realms of the sacred and observe how divine beings mingle on Earthly planes. Confessions and Absolutions, the third chapter, is where the writer performs a psychic, open-heart surgery, airing stagnant wounds, thus releasing all that no longer serves. In Prayers and Invocations, chapter four, we embark on a healing journey through the amalgamation of traditional and unconventional petitions. Lastly, in the final chapter, The Miracles, the author manages to find the miraculous in the mundane and gifts the 3D with a taste of divine dominion.

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