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LMAC DH Project

A Storymap of Santa Ana

About the LMAC
DH Project

A Crear Studio Collaboration with local artists Roger Eyes R. and Sarah Rafael García.


Initiated in 2021 as a counter map to tourist marketing, Mapping Santa Ana is a graphic documentation of downtown Santa Ana that includes this living digital archive. One goal is to offer this collaborative project to the City of Santa Ana as an on-going digital map that can continue to include locations and history outside of the downtown area (i.e. you'll learn about Logan Barrio and the Bristol Swap Mall as you scroll through).


Additionally, the downtown map has also been designed into a pocket-sized folding map that locals and guests can pick up at Crear Studio and LibroMobile to access the digital map through a QR code.


Together, Roger and Sarah hope to be able to show you how much this city means to them, and how they see it as a vivid and historical place they are determined to preserve and proud to call home. Scroll through the graphic illustrations and radical history, let us know if you think we need to include something, email us!

Also, please take a moment to acknowledge our research contributors listed in the storymap, they are usually college interns and/or young scholars helping us along the way.

 What's a "living" narrative and/or document?  

A living document, also known as an evergreen document or dynamic document, is a document that is continually edited and updated.

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