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Crear Studio in Downtown Santa Ana

Christopher Perez

About the Exhibition

Christopher Perez (4 × 6 in).png

A "Gallery Takeover" is an opportunity for a local emerging artist to showcase their work in their own region while developing practice in curating a site-specific installation at a space for-and-by BIPOC artists, art educators and art administrators. Through mentorship by Sarah Rafael Garcia, Christoper Perez curated and installed this exhibition at Crear Studio in one week's time and it showed for one week in April 2022.

About the Artist:

Inspired to chronicle death through taxidermy, mummification, and
wet specimen preservation, multimedia artist Chistopher Perez brings life into deceased objects. His work is composed of various art forms, intricate processes, still life themes, and ethically sourced elements.


Christopher Perez was born and raised in Santa Ana, California. He's a self taught Illustrator and creator. As the first artist in his family, he is determined to keep his daily practice and evolving creations at his personal art studio located in downtown Santa Ana. For more information, follow him, IG: @christopherrperez

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