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True Trans Bike Rebel

True Trans Bike Rebel

SKU: 9781621060017

by Lydia Rogue EDITOR, River Katz COVER, Elly Blue SERIES EDITOR and Elly Bangs CONTRIBUTOR

Bicycling from a non-heteronormative, non-cisgender perspective

Bicycling as a sport, a means of transportation, and a passionate pursuit is explored here by transgender, nonbinary, and intersex authors and artists. This groundbreaking volume includes a diverse range of experiences

A woman sets off on a long-distance tour across the desert, where she finds the courage she needs to continue back at home

The executive director of a major advocacy organization walks us through his coming-out process and the precedent it set

A young person survives school to find solace and identity in nature

A contemplation of the parallels of building a bicycle and crafting one's own body

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