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Riding More With Less by Sam Tracy

Riding More With Less by Sam Tracy

SKU: 9798887440224

Pulling away from the obsolescence and disposability so often implied within consumer economies, the book surveys experienced community bike shop mechanics worldwide to identify the best and safest repair solutions when new parts are not an option. For those already familiar with the finer arts of bicycle preservation, Riding More with Less aligns the most useful technical references within a well-organized compilation of the most effective low-cost and for-free repair techniques. And for the uninitiated, the book includes an overview of the community bike shops many readers may find in their own neighborhoods, where many begin to discover real alternatives.

Presented in a compact and info-rich writing style, the technical discussion within Riding More with Less goes beyond identifying innovative techniques for fixing bikes with little or no money to demonstrate just how common these approaches really are. Most cyclists globally do not ride expensive or even modern ones, after all, and from this perspective the option of new repair parts might even be exceptional, rather than normative. Moreover, the Covid pandemic underlines how supply chain disruptions beyond our control can lead larger numbers of people towards reusing salvageable bike parts and other creative solutions

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