No Mistake: Journey to Self Acceptance by Chandra Yolan Washington


Abena feels hopeless and alone when her classmates begin to ridicule her for the way she looks. Despite positive reinforcements from her parents, Abena chooses to believe what her peers tell her; that she is "ugly." No Mistake began as a short story for youth, inspired by a disturbing documentary ("A Girl Like Me," by Kiri Davis), which brings attention to how an alarming number of modern-day Black children continue to see themselves as racially inferior. Although this story is about a little Black girl overcoming cruelty and ridicule from her own kind by learning self-love, the universal theme of self-acceptance resonates with ALL ages and ethnic backgrounds. Whether a child is being victimized or is being the "bully," the purpose of this book is to raise questions to encourage self-discovery and positive transformation. The book includes a "Discovery Guide" workbook, with thought-provoking questions and exercises related to the story. TESTIMONIALS "Your story is one that children can easily identify with. I was able to relate to all of the characters in your story on some level. You did an incredible job of character development for such a short book. Your book is so well thought out and your message so clearly communicated. You truly are a gifted writer! Your lesson is a crucial one and your book a valuable tool for parents and educators. Eve Panzer MLIS, Founder, Barefoot Librarian Children's Bookseller "Washington writes clearly, without sentimentality, but with bright dialog and great visuals. I felt like a fly on the wall in Abena's bedroom. This book transcends race, creed, or nationality. Any educator can broaden a discussion to encompass all types of prejudice. " Carole P. Roman, Children's Book Author & Educator "Chandra Washington's NO MISTAKE is a valuable personal resource for young people struggling to build a positive identity in a sometimes fractured society. It is an equally valuable resource for parents and educators who want to guide their young people toward greater self acceptance. This book comes with substantial teaching tools that will help with both these tasks. If you are concerned about young people growing up in a multiracial society today, you need this book!" Barry Brummett, Communications Department Chair, University of Texas at Austin ..".tears came to my eyes reading it. I felt you poured your heart into it. What a wonderful healing manuscript. Can't wait for you to have it published and in the hands of millions. So gracefully and lovingly done. Congratulations! Can't wait for my children to read it." Inonge Khabele-Stevens, Parent/Artist/Educator

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