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Meraki by Tobi-Hope Jieun Park

Meraki by Tobi-Hope Jieun Park

SKU: 9781649219275

Meraki - [may-rah-kee] - to put a piece of yourself into everything you do



Over time, we collect pieces of the world around us, patchwork them into ourselves. Hoard them like family. Meraki pulls these pieces to the surface, and turns them gently to the light.



Using language which gives and takes, this collection explores the importance of our relationship with ourselves, and our relationships with others. It invites you to step into the Korean-American identity, to hold it in your hands, to carry it away. It explores themes of food, family, and color through the eyes of a foreigner.



Meraki is a journey of self reflection. Of unravelling. Of push and pull. Of blending sight with sound, tongue with touch. Of growing up before it's too late.



I've been given so much. Meraki is a way to give back.

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