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Food Justice: A Primer, edited by Saryta Rodriguez

Food Justice: A Primer, edited by Saryta Rodriguez

SKU: 9780998994635

Food Justice: A Primer is a  collection of essays by activists, academics, farmers, and others  involved in the Food Justice Movement examining food justice and food  sovereignty from a variety of angles. These essays range in scope and  tone from personal, hands-on experiences to macro-level observations of  how communities' ability to both access healthful, justly-produced food  and determine for themselves how they are fed can be improved upon,  including efforts currently underway toward these ends. 


For too  long, the Food Justice Movement has been senselessly divided between  those who focus on the rights of humans and those who uphold the rights  of nonhumans. In truth, the most just and efficient way forward to  promote this cause is for these communities to come together and work in  solidarity with one another, as myriad individuals and organizations  around the world demonstrate with their hard work and careful analysis.  This book aims to illustrate why this is necessary while confirming that  it is possible, in hopes of inspiring further cooperation and  collaboration between seemingly disparate causes under the umbrella of  Food Justice.


Every book sold helps support "Casa  Vegana de la Comunidad," a community-led food justice project from  Chilis on Wheels based in Puerto Rico. Chilis on Wheels founded the now  permanent community house after providing hurricane relief to thousands  of Puerto Ricans after hurricane Maria in 2017. The organization also  helps provide food and other resources to homeless people and nonhuman  people through its various chapters across mainland U.S.