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Decolonizing Latinx Masculinities by de Arturo J. Aldama & Frederick Luis Aldama

Decolonizing Latinx Masculinities by de Arturo J. Aldama & Frederick Luis Aldama

SKU: 9780816539369

Latinx hypersexualized lovers or kingpin predators pulsate from our TVs, smartphones, and Hollywood movie screens. Tweets from the executive office brand Latinxs as bad-hombre hordes and marauding rapists and traffickers. A-list Anglo historical figures like Billy the Kid haunt us with their toxic masculinities. These are the themes creatively explored by the eighteen contributors in Decolonizing Latinx Masculinities.

Together they explore how legacies of colonization and capitalist exploitation and oppression have created toxic forms of masculinity that continue to suffocate our existence as Latinxs. And while the authors seek to identify all cultural phenomena that collectively create reductive, destructive, and toxic constructions of masculinity that traffic in misogyny and homophobia, they also uncover the many spaces—such as Xicanx-Indígena languages, resistant food cultures, music performances, and queer Latinx rodeo practices—where Latinx communities can and do exhale healing masculinities.

With unity of heart and mind, the creative and the scholarly, Decolonizing Latinx Masculinities opens wide its arms to all non-binary, decolonial masculinities today to grow a stronger, resilient, and more compassionate new generation of Latinxs tomorrow.


Arturo J. Aldama

Frederick Luis Aldama

T. Jackie Cuevas

Gabriel S. Estrada

Wayne Freeman

Jonathan D. Gomez

Ellie D. Hernández

Alberto Ledesma

Jennie Luna

Sergio A. Macías

Laura Malaver

Paloma Martinez-Cruz

L. Pancho McFarland

William Orchard

Alejandra Benita Portillos

John-Michael Rivera

Francisco E. Robles

Lisa Sánchez González

Kristie Soares

Nicholas Villanueva Jr.

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