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Charlie Forever And Ever by Natalie Sierra

Charlie Forever And Ever by Natalie Sierra

SKU: 9781953447340
Charlie, a young doctoral student of mixed race with schizoaffective disorder,  in 1990’s Manhattan, is on the brink of discovery when she meets- and falls in love with- boygod; the troubled heir to a tech company ruled by his beautiful and ruthless mother, Daphne Fitzgerald-Turner. The pair immerse themselves in an intense relationship, fueled by drugs and a traumatic bond with their respective mothers. Boygod, whose volatile relationship with imperious Daphne crosses many shocking borders, and Charlie, whose own mother’s struggles with mental illness lead to a near case of filicide.

As Charlie delves further into the shadowy realms of science and her mind, she becomes convinced that she can predict the future, that the technology she creates will be responsible for untold misery throughout the world. Unable to extricate herself from the web of her abusive relationships, Charlie begins to spiral further into the imagined safety of the whispers of her mind. What they have to say may change the narrative of humankind or doom it completely. 

Told through hauntingly poetic prose by Charlie and the boygod, Charlie, Forever and Ever will lead you through an evocative labyrinth of deep, erotic desires and contrary hearts.
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