A Saint In The City by Scott Glabb

A Saint In The City by Scott Glabb

Real Teens, Real Struggles, Real Triumphs, Real Inspiration!

Are you curious how a clinically depressed teacher, who coached wrestling, transformed a group of forgotten teenagers into champions?

After being discharged from a psychiatric care unit, on anti-depressants and no job prospects, a lost man from the Pacific Northwest, reluctantly moved to Southern California. There, Scott Glabb (Award-winning teacher and coach) found a generation of equally lost kids and how they found inner strength to fight day after day on and off the wrestling mat while everyone else said it was impossible to succeed.

Each of Glabb’s wrestlers could yet stumble and fall, naturally fulfilling society’s unnatural expectations of gang life, prepping juvenile hall, and matriculating into prison. Or at best becoming high school dropouts groomed for minimum wage jobs and barely supported illegitimate children. Maybe they could graduate from high school then if everything aligned perfectly, attending the local community college was, at best, a distant dream

Young immigrants from Mexico and El Salvador crammed into one or two-bedroom apartments in a densely populated city had little hope for the future. Their families and culture had other plans for them. They were to be shepherded into foregoing their dreams once they grew strong enough to do a man or woman’s work that would help to support a stream of siblings. What difference did their dreams make when they knew they would never be anywhere else, but where they already were?

A Saint in the City chronicles the true stories of teenagers who grew up in gang-infested neighborhoods, from poverty-stricken immigrant families. Nearly all never saw a reason to hope for anything until a young teacher and coach believed in them.