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This Holiday Shop Small, Reinvest In Our Community

By Marilynn Montaño

Off The Page Series


Where you spend your money has an impact and it makes a difference when you support local vendors who have put in countless hours perfecting their craft. Today, LibroMobile is featuring local artists of color you should support this holiday season (and all-year-round!), investing in them is reinvesting in our community.

Whether it is through an art print, sticker, t-shirt, or handmade jewelry, I put my money where my mouth is by shopping extremely small, and you should too. Especially if you believe our gente should be a priority.

Growing As A Flower

Need to remind those around you that their worth is more than their job or productivity? Get them a bookmark or a pin, heck get the tote bag too! As a booklover that needs to remember where I left off between the pages Growing As A Flower’s "Fuck Off I'm Reading" bookmark reminds me to prioritize my reading time and a “Como Chingas” coaster keeps my tea on the nightstand. Literally and figuratively speaking...

Growingasaflower is ran by a bitter undocumented hood feminists.

”My art is based on my life expenses. I make buttons, stickers, tote bags, pressed flowers posters and bookmarks, as well as punch needle hangings.”

Follow on IG: @growingasaflower


Beverly Salas

Living a busy life but still need some bright affirmations? Check out Beverly Salas’ prints and stickers to take you or a friend out of a state of self-doubt. I came across Salas’ artwork through social media and had the chance to visit their pre-pandemic in-person vending events on La Calle Cuatro. I am mesmerized by their explosive colors and groovy vintage themes that brightens each morning just enough to get me out of bed in time to catch the bus to my next adventure.

Beverly Salas is an artist based out of Anaheim, California. You can find her latest doodles and illustrations made with lots of love, emotions, and little pieces of Beverly get put into them.

Follow on IG: @beverlysalas